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The story of GEAR GODS with Trey Xavier

Today we have the Gear God himself, Trey Xavier.

California-based guitar blogger, Trey Xavier, is the man behind the Gear Gods channel on YouTube, delivering metal-centric content to a horde of virtual metal heads.

Trey attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music but moved to California eventually to finish his studies at Sonoma State University. Afterwards he began working as an editor for, expanding it to YouTube. 1800 videos and 210k subscribers later GearGods has become the go to YouTube channel for everything heavy metal gear, and now song writing related.

In addition to being Editor-In-Chief of Gear Gods, Trey fronts progressive metal band In Virtue, who my girlfriend says has the most handsome bassist out of all the metal bands she knows.

These days, Xavier spends his time editing Gear Gods, covering gear specifically for the metal audience but also music theory, guitar lessons, and tips on making songs that don’t suck.