Taking a page out of Derek Sivers’s book here’s what I’m up to right now (March 19th, 2017):

Living in Los Angeles, working with a lot of smart people at the NFL. Spring is here and I’m at my go to Sunday chill spot in Brentwood enjoying the wonderful weather.

Joined a new metal band for the first time in years. This time on bass instead of guitar. Having a lot of fun learning finger style technique from Alex Webster’s book. Taking Pat Paterson’s songwriting class on Coursera to brush up on lyric writing as well. We’ve finished demoing a single and are planning to release a music video by summer.

Learning Spanish in preparation for a trip to Colombia. Spending a lot of time making vocabulary flash cards and reviewing them on my phone using Anki. Found a tutor on and working my way through Benny Lewis’s¬†fabulous material.


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