Preventing Accessibility Penalties at the NFL

Here’s the video recording of the talk I did at JS.LA ┬álast month. In it I go through’s newest video player, and the challenges (and solutions) to accessibility we solved. There’s a question and answer session at the end too. Here’s links to a few things I mention in the talk: Protractor Accessibility Plugin […]

Annotating Function Parameters with Flow

Flow has been a great tool at work, but it’s not without it’s quirks. After scouring their documentation, I figured out a way to annotate function function parameters (what a tongue twister): Super handy trick that can give you some extra type checking magic later in your project.

Tech Talks and Interviews

Perfecting Development Environments with Docker Tech talk I did at Container Summit Los Angeles in 2016 about creating React development environments with Docker. Had an absolute blast sharing the stage with Bryan Cantrill from Joyent. HashBang Podcast: Episode 1 We spend an hour getting into the nitty gritty details of squeezing out as much […]

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